Daniel Porot Visits St.Gallen MBA

This past Saturday, on January 12, the St.Gallen MBA welcomed Daniel Porot for a training seminar. Daniel Porot is one of Europe's leading pioneers in career design and job hunting with more than 30 years of experience. Daniel and his team of trainers have run workshops, seminars and conferences in 30 different countries throughout the world, teaching over 50 different nationalities.


The seminar was delivered as part of the Career Development Programme where students have the chance to get career planning help not only from the professionals working in the Career Services department, but from external professionals as well. The day began with everyone writing down the expectations they hold in regards to their job prospects and the rest of the day was spent focusing on job hunting and how to land the dream job. As Mr. Porot is well-experienced in this field, he brought a lot of real-life scenarios with the exercises and games played, each focusing on a certain theme related to job hunting.


The ultimate goal of this seminar is to help people find a fulfilling, and hopefully, dream job. The structure is based on the different logical steps you need to go through to reach your goal. When asked if MBA's were valued in the job market, Mr. Porot replied by saying, "Yes, they have a positive connotation because they are supposed to have a double background and degree, work experience and are also aware of the latest techniques." This was Mr. Porot's first time coming to the St.Gallen MBA and he considered the group to be "very nice, have very good listening skills, are very quick and are keen to learn."


All in all, Mr. Porot believes, "That they should go for a job which they love. It's sometimes a long trip but many times it's the key for personal and social happiness." With tips from Mr. Porot, as well as, the help from other professionals, the current MBA students are headed on the right path to finding a fulfilling career.

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