Cognizant's Perspective on Business Consulting

Last night, Cognizant came to the St.Gallen MBA as part of the Career Services initiatives to introduce the business world and potential employers to our current students. Cognizant is an American multinational provider of custom information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. They are a global leader in business and technology services that helps clients in a business environment that is being transformed by accelerating globalisation, virtualisation, and shift toward cloud technologies.

The MBA class welcomed Director of Business Consulting, Simon Erdmann, Senior Manager Consulting, Anita Subramanian and HR Recruiter for Europe, Sabina Konrad. Simon presented the students with the theme of business consulting. As many of our students have a background in consulting they were able to easily relate to the topic and to see firsthand the consulting world from the Cognizant perspective.

Anita, a St.Gallen PhD alumna, believes that the overall University of St.Gallen system greatly contributes to student's success after graduation: "The University of St.Gallen is a very practice oriented environment which helps students prepare for the real world business life and their network is held in high regard. Recruiters are always impressed with the theoretical and practical knowledge that St.Gallen students have."

When asked about the importance of an MBA degree, HR Recruiter, Sabina, noted that, "Education is always important. It is never a bad investment. When coupled with work experience, MBA's are valued in the market and are definitely a good advantage to have. As American politician, Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.'"

All in all, as the core modules are coming to an end for our students, these company presentations are helping students to start planning and thinking of possible companies to begin their future careers with.

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