Microsoft’s Frame of Reference on Business

General Manager Consumer Channels Group, Daniel Moschin and Senior Staffing Consultant, Marcel Hofstetter, of Microsoft, came to the St.Gallen MBA to give a company presentation on the ins and outs of Microsoft. Microsoft has been developing and marketing software, services, hardware and solutions that deliver new opportunities, greater convenience and enhance value to people's lives since 1975. They do business and have offices in more than 100 countries and generate revenue by developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting a wide range of software products and services for many different types of computing devices.


The two presented the class with current technology trends and their broad range of consumer and enterprise technologies. Microsoft Switzerland is still a relatively small to medium size company as it was founded here in 1989. Their headquarters are in Wallisellen, but they also have four other locations in Switzerland with a total of 574 employees and 25% of those are female.


Marcel pointed out during the presentation that although IT is the foundation of Microsoft, their future goals are to expand into sales and marketing, so they are no longer looking for just IT specific backgrounds but more of those with MBA backgrounds: young professionals with finance and economy backgrounds as well. Pertaining specifically to the St.Gallen MBA, Marcel stated that, "The University of St.Gallen is one of, if not the most important school for us to recruit people with an economic background. We are working closely with the university since we find most of our talent here and we plan in the future to do more work with St.Gallen."


Daniel, holds a special place with St.Gallen as he is a member of the St.Gallen alumni community. He did his masters in St.Gallen and explained that, "St.Gallen has allowed me to meet so many bright people that I still know today. St.Gallens' alumni network is the core of my business network. I would say 40-50% come from St.Gallen and I have very close contact with them today. You can study economics anywhere, but with St.Gallen, it is not only outstanding but it also opens a lot of doors."


This presentation comes at the time when the students are planning where to do their in-company project, as well as, picking out a prospective future employer.


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