Exploring Conflict Risks with IBM

St.Gallen MBA full-time class welcomed Karel Doclo, IBM Oracle-Alliance Executive, for a Leadership Experience Project on Conflict and Project Management. IBM has been innovating and actively encouraging the development of new technologies for over a century. IBM stresses new ideas so they invest heavily in research and are thus able to give a comprehensive range of hardware, software and services to their customers and the entire IT spectrum. IBM has over 400,000 employees worldwide and has been running in Switzerland since 1927.


The objectives of the workshop "Project and Conflict Management," focused on 4 goals: to know where to find useful information around project management. To understand the importance of change management in projects. To be able to judge the typology of conflicts and related mechanisms and to have applied a project management framework to a real life case study. They focused on conflicts revolving around the usually solvable: relations, objectives, roles and methods and the usually unsolvable: perception and values. Overall, they learned about the 7 keys to success:


1. Stakeholders are committed
2. Business benefits are being realised
3. Work and schedule are predictable
4. Scope is realistic and managed
5. Team is high performing
6. Risks are being mitigated
7. Delivery organisations benefits are being realised


Karel is a 2006 MBA Alumnus who holds that the, "St.Gallen MBA allowed me to see projects in a broader economic and industrial context." As for how he feels about St.Gallen post-MBA, he stated that, "It's always about what you take out of your studies. You need to be conscious that it's up to you to take the important things and pick them out...but do pick them out!"


This project was very useful to our MBA students as they have had to deal with resolving conflicts from previous job experiences, working with a class of such a diverse background and can use the knowledge gained in their future working positions.

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