Looking Back with Nitin Madan

As part of the Leadership Development Programme on the St.Gallen MBA, Swisscom joined us to give a workshop on "Pitching for Success." The class had the pleasure of having Mumbai-native, Nitin Madan, amongst the Swisscom team to give the workshop. Nitin is part of a team that is responsible for incubating disruptive business ideas and for providing investment, coaching and leadership to corporate-development projects at Swisscom Strategy & Innovation. Nitin is not only Business Development Manager of Group Strategy and Innovation at Swisscom, but he is also a St.Gallen MBA alumnus from the class of 2010. We were able to take a chance to speak to him on a sunny St.Gallen morning, looking back on his MBA experience and what he got from it.


What were you doing before coming to the St.Gallen MBA?


"I was working for ten years in the electronic business in USA. I worked for companies such as: IBM, Vivato, Lucent Technologies and a chip company called Skyworks Solutions."


What were the factors that brought you to the St.Gallen MBA?


"I got my Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from V.J.T.I. in India and my Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University in USA. I decided that I had a background in engineering but also wanted to have a more business background as well. I chose the St.Gallen MBA because I thought a year abroad would add a lot of personal value. I think it was also valuable to have the ability to not only study in Europe but study in three different continents."


What did you take from the St.Gallen MBA?


"One of the things I took from it was how different cultures see things; especially Swiss society and how it works. I also gained a valuable network with the friends that I studied with. The cultural learning was just as important as the business courses."


Is there a stand-out moment from your time during your studies?


"There are lots of great memories that I have so it's hard to choose. But what was important was how intense my studies were. I remember a moment in between the second and third module, I felt so close to a burn-out that I was looking forward to the Christmas break for a moment to relax. But in the end, it was very rewarding."


How did your MBA studies help with your post-MBA life?


"I did my MBA in-company project with Swisscom as one of my mentors who was working there had suggested it to me. I enjoyed it so much that when they offered me a position, I took it. The project was the ideal way for me to test the company and for them to test me as well.


How did the MBA contribute to your current position?


"MBA was a finishing school because I had done engineering before so it gave me soft skills and career coaching that was personalised and helped me get my current position. In the end, you get three assets: 1. Knowledge of business fundamentals 2. Soft Skills Training and 3. A wide network."


Would you retake the MBA if you had to?


"If I could, I would do it all over again without a doubt."





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