Pitching for Success

Business Development Manager of Group Strategy and Innovation, Nitin Madan and Vice Director, Severine Bergerot, of Palexpo, came on behalf of Swisscom to teach our full-time MBA class how to pitch for success. Pitching is a key skill in today's professional environment. Whether you are raising finance, seeking employment or proposing a project, delivering a snappy pitch with great poise and enthusiasm will make a difference.


The Strategy and Innovation Team at Swisscom meet regularly to review and participate in pitches for new business opportunities in a process called the "waterhole." Therefore, they have great experience in pitching, being pitched to and coaching team members and companies in developing and delivering great pitches. Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecoms provider, with 6.2 million mobile customers and around 1.7 million broadband connections. Swisscom has a presence throughout Switzerland and offers a full range of products and services for mobile, landline and IP-based voice and data communication.


The all-day event began with a pitching workshop, study case and development, pitch practicing and coaching with Felix Köppl, Rita Kunz Martina Mörtner and Rodrigue Zbinden, a pitching contest with a prize for the winner and topped off with a company presentation. The main goal of this workshop is to help improve pitching skills of the students. No product or idea sells itself and no one cares about your idea if you cannot pitch effectively. Preparation and practice are all key and so the class became equipped with the necessary key points to be able to deliver a well-rehearsed and prepared pitch.


Martina Mörtner, Swisscom Project Leader in Business Innovation and St.Gallen MBA alumnus of the class of 2011 was among the pitching coaches made available for the students. She believed that her time spent at the St.Gallen MBA was worthwhile. "The main thing that surprised me is that you work many nights and long hours to study for exams and working on case studies that it prepares you for the real work life and actually makes it easier. We are equipped to know so much and solve so many cases by the time of graduation that it becomes easy to put it into practice in the real-life. It was the best experience of my life."


All in all, pitching is just one of the many attributes that the students get personalised training and coaching on during their studies.

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