New: Industry Insights! Diving Deeper into Industry

February 11, 2013 saw the launch of our new initiative: Industry Insights. As a transition from the core modules to the elective phase, the MBA now offers two weeks of industry electives that focus on key Swiss industries: Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Luxury Goods and Pharmaceuticals. Each of the four industry electives lasts for 2 days and comprises of a variety of learning and assessment methods including: case-studies, workshops, break-out groups and brainstorming.


The first of these modules was on the Banking & Financial Services. Several presenters from companies came to provide different insights into the transformations and challenges that the financial services face. Iris J.M. Grewe, Partner at BearingPoint, gave a presentation on "How Global Trends Impact Financial Services Consulting." BearingPoint is a business consulting firm that focuses on management, technological and transformational skills.


When approached on her thoughts about the Industry Insights, Iris stated, "I especially appreciated the opportunity to do case studies with the students because this is a unique opportunity to reflect real life cases and situations with an unbiased audience. On Monday, during the course of the first industry insights, we exchanged valuable and innovative input with the students which we greatly enjoyed."


These Industry Insights differed from the core modules as both the Full-time and Part-time MBA students were able to sit in on these modules together. Bare Udusegbe, Part-time MBA class of 2013 and Business Performance Manager, was very impressed with the Banking & Financial Services module. "I expected an overview of challenges facing Swiss banks and banks world-wide in general and I got it. The breakouts into small group case studies encouraged further discussions amongst peers by bringing on board various experiences and different industry perspectives. BearingPoint impressed me with their approach to consultancy. I have always believed consultants should not only propose ideas and solutions but also collaborate with firms in implementing these ideas and solutions. I believe their focus on a particular niche gives them a unique advantage going forward. Overall, I am happy with the module, especially the presenters."


This module was concluded with a presentation from former CEO of VP bank and today, Chairman of the Liechtenstein Banking Association, Adolf E. Real. He presented on "The Strategic Context and Ongoing Transformation of the Liechtenstein Banking Industry, the Challenges and Chances Associated with this." Robert Rip, full-time MBA class of 2013 said, "I think it was interesting for me as someone who grew up in Africa to get an insight on how the secretive Lichtenstein banking system operates and how it needs to adapt to the challenges going forward."


As the Banking and Financial Services module comes to an end, the students can look forward to tomorrow's Pharmaceutical module with inputs and small cases delivered by PWC, Roche and Addex.

Pictured (left to right):  Bare Udusegbe and Robert Rip

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