Learning Assessment Week (LAW) 2013

As part of the MBA programme, the Learning Assessment Week (LAW) aims to sharpen our student's knowledge and to facilitate the transfer of theoretical business concepts to an applied, integrative general management approach. Each student is given a day to prepare a mini case study which they must then present to a panel of jury members that include at least: Simon Evenett, the Academic Director of the St.Gallen MBA, an external professor with knowledge of the MBA curriculum and one or two representatives of corporate partners of the St.Gallen MBA. 


The main objectives of the Learning Assessment Week are:

• To understand what each MBA student has learned and retained from the core modules of the MBA programme

• To ensure that our MBA students are able to integrate the different business concepts and methods in single business scenario

• To give the MBA students the opportunity to apply their expertise to real world problems

• To assess the overall progress of each individual MBA and to provide him or her with an external view of their performance

In total, 90 minutes per student are reserved. In this time, the student has to present, discuss, and answer questions from the jury. The last 20 minutes are reserved for the provision of individual feedback. The MBA student is assessed on a mini-case discussion, academic know-how and a business implication analysis. At the end, the students were given valuable feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. This serves as a way for our students to know where they have to improve and develop themselves during the second half of the MBA.



Interview with Mathieu Trépanier, Managing Director at Tsquared Consulting Partners:





 • What do you think of the concept of the Learning Assessment Week and the use of FT articles as case studies?


The Learning Assessment Week offers MBA students a unique way to challenge their progress halfway into the MBA programme. It forces the students to confront complex contemporaneous business situations in a realistic way. It is an invaluable opportunity for the students to experience directly what future employers will expect of them in terms of their ability to react quickly to challenging situations and to approach these situations from a multi-disciplinary standpoint.


What is the value of your participation to you and to your company?


The Learning Assessment Week offers us a very special way to learn a lot about potential candidates in a relatively short period of time. It allows us to evaluate whether the candidates can retain their creativity under pressure, their openness to new frameworks, and their ability to "connect the dots." These are key skills for Tsquared Consulting Partners.



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