The St.Gallen MBA Alumni Board is elected annually in September at the Alumni Homecoming Weekend by the MBA alumni community. The board works in cooperation with the MBA administration on behalf of the whole MBA Alumni Community and communicate their goals and actions through the Alumni Newsletter. If you are an MBA Alumnus and have suggestions or thoughts for the board, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of your representatives.

Monique Adamer 



Monique Adamer (Class of 2012)

Member of Senior Management (Wealth Management), Notenstein Private Bank Ltd  

"We did a great job achieving the MBA, now let's go further! With the St.Gallen MBA Alumni, we can all contribute to building up our network and expanding the reputation of the St.Gallen MBA. As a representative of this community, I would like to help to enhance our success with the organisation of formal and informal exchange among members."



Meret Brotbek

Meret Brotbek (Class of 2013), President

Unilever, Procurement Manager

"The MBA programme is only the beginning of the overall MBA experience; the alumni network is your life-long family, to which you can always return for support, to expand your professional network, find friends or give back by participating in coaching and mentoring programs. Through my role on the Alumni Board, I strive to participate in growing and further strengthening the MBA family. I believe the programme is a reflection of its alumni and that former students can participate in the continuous improvement of the MBA programme."

Sven Cammerer

Sven Cammerer (Class of 2011)

Business Development Manager, Sulzer

“I have met so many inspiring, ambitious and diverse people in the various classes of our MBA Programme. Connecting us in the alumni network is what will bring each of us the maximum benefit. I am motivated to invest into our community and look forward to seeing people grow personally, advance in their careers and prosper in their private lives.”

Lei Ji

Lei Ji (Class of 2012)
Assistant Executive Director, International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)

“The St. Gallen MBA has profoundly changed my life and many others. I believe, being part of this striving and mutually rewarding life-long community is most invaluable assets we take with us, wherever we go. I am honored to leverage my experience, expertise and network to serve and strengthen our community through various friends-raising, brain-raising and fund-raising activities."

Shira Kaplan  

Shira Kaplan (Class of 2014)
Co-Founder & CEO, Cyverse

"The MBA Program has induced me to think more profoundly about gender issues in the Swiss business world, and take a leadership position at the St. Gallen MBA Women in Business Club. I encourage female students who are aspiring executives and entrepreneurs to join the programme and make a difference through the Club and the MBA programme. As a Member of the Board of Alumni, I look forward to advancing issues related to women in business and entrepreneurship, and to enhancing our knowledge about cybersecurity and its upcoming challenges."


Björn Schwarz (Class of 2010)

Senior Consultant, Finalta

"One of the most important assets of an MBA (if not the most important) is its alumni network. I want to continue to help the St. Gallen MBA alumni community with its wealth of talented and motivated young women and men to grow and to become an ever closer network, at the same time serving well the communities we are living in."