Business Numeracy and Modelling

Course Introduction

Dealing with uncertainty in decision making is a critical skill for business managers and leaders. Successful decision makers benefit from an intuitive understanding of concepts such as probabilities, averages and standard deviations as well as correlations, and use complex financial modelling scenarios to reduce uncertainty. In the foundational skills module on "Business Numeracy", students will learn how to connect the seemingly abstract mathematical concepts to decision-making in business.

In the “Financial Modelling” part of the course, students will learn how to build financial models and illustrations in order to develop data-driven answers to real world business situations and to interpret the results in an integrative and critical way. The best decision makers combine their comprehensive conceptual knowledge on how to value firms and other financial assets with their intuitive understanding of how the economic environment affects these valuations and their superb ability to convey their conclusions convincingly.

Note: All information is accurate for the 2020-2021 academic year and is subject to change for future classes