Career Strategy

Course Lecturer

Gwendolyn Parkin is Director of IntegralCareer: for careers that fit you and the future of work, a London based consulting firm founded in 1993. IntegralCareer combines commercial, psychological and Future of Work disciplines among others, to pioneer an unprecedented and analytical career consulting approach. Clients, ranging from individuals to organisations, and from CEOs to students, have found it revolutionary and essential for creating careers which enable success and fulfilment while also effectively transitioning into the Future of Work. In addition to consulting, Gwendolyn Parkin is also a VP for Careers for the Harvard Business School Club of London, and responsible for organising events on Career and Leadership topics. She has also been a speaker for universities (Regents University, London Business School and Harvard Business School) as well as organisations including agencies and corporates.

Course Introduction

The Future of Work has arrived. Technological innovation, which has become completely unprecedented in its speed, scope and impact, is now increasingly and profoundly disrupting the commercial, economic, social, political and global systems we have known across all industries. Managing one’s career through this ever changing kaleidoscope requires a radically different approach to career support, which according to recent research, has never quite delivered the rigour and results required since its inception. Career Strategy is a course which is designed to equip MBA students with the analytical tools, skills and resources they need to navigate through this current unparalleled Fourth Industrial Revolution, while experiencing maximum career satisfaction, professional development, as well creating impact in ways they value, ie commercial, social change, or innovation etc. The course is based on an approach that IntegralCareer has pioneered and developed for the last 25 years working with MBAs from universities such as HBS and LBS, as well as clients from backgrounds ranging from CEOs to pre university students in a wide variety of industries. The clarity that it provides in helping clients create careers that have ‘internal and external fit’ with the ability to transition through future change has been hailed by one HBS MBA as “a process every (Harvard) MBA should go through and revisit on a regular basis.”

Note: All information is accurate for the 2018-2019 academic year and is subject to change for future classes