You can have the career you want, if you can self-reflect, articulate, and execute. You drive, we navigate!

Luca Allaria

Career advice on an MBA used to be an associated perk. Today, it’s a key driver for enrolment. Luca Allaria, a career advisor on the St. Gallen MBA, supports students to reflect on their careers, define the direction they want to take, and get their message out to the market.

Luca comes across three types of students: “Those that have already mapped their next career move and see the MBA as vehicle to reaching their goal; those who have a feeling for the industry but lack clarity on the role and function; and those who enrol to step away from an unsatisfying professional experience and reflect on their future options.”

Despite their differences, Luca finds much in common with all three types. “We help them to explore their strengths, areas of development, and values,” he explained. “The latter is especially important to avoid getting stuck in a ‘doing’ mode – by solely considering where you work, your actions during work, and the skills you employ – and shifting towards contributing, finding your purpose – or your “ding in the universe” as Steve Jobs put it!”

“In performing your job, your contribution should involve creating value for yourself, your company, customers, and the wider system. You achieve this by pulling together your capabilities, in the areas that you identify with – based on psychometric testing – and matching them to market demands,” said Luca.

Once this is in place – and Luca has helped to remove any ‘derailers’, such as limiting beliefs – students are ready to communicate externally, from a position of authenticity. “I tell students that they’re unique, and I mean it. No one can do what they can do – with the same mix of values, passion, and drive. And that’s ultimately what creates the difference,” Luca concluded with an assured smile.

Luca Allaria is our Career Advisor, dedicated to working with our Full-time MBA participants.

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