Leadership Development

Course Introduction

Part A: Leadership Theory & Practice with Eva Marco

How can we improve our own and the team’s performance? The most critical variable is Organizational Climate. It has a direct impact on an organization’s performance. It affects performance in two ways:

  1. Creating conditions in which people can do their best and
  2. Creating conditions so that people will do their best by being motivated to provide their best discretionary effort.

Organizational Climate is an accurate measure on how well you are managing or optimizing your human resources. It is key that you bring about those positive changes in climate with the people who are in place. The goal becomes adjusting your management practice and styles to bring about the desired improvement in your organization climate. How broad is your repertoire? Do you use the full range of behaviours available to you? Or do you generally rely on just one or two management styles to get you through a wide range of situations?

The factors that determine what styles we select are:

  • The demands of your job
  • The personal characteristics we bring to the job

To understand why a person inclines to one set of behaviours over another, we need to understand the characteristics that drive behaviour (competencies). Emotional Intelligence is a way to explore our behaviour and how we can be effective managers.

Part B: Leadership in Action with Dramatic Resources

This piece of the Leadership Training gives participants the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of their leadership style and the impact they have on other people. Participants are given the opportunity to try out new behaviours for more effective leadership in a range of situations and to receive feedback from the coaches and the rest of the group.

Dramatic Resources draws on techniques from theatre and rehearsal to enhance leadership communication and behaviour. The work is experiential, with delegates on their feet and trying out new techniques that move them away from their default style and into new behaviours. Underpinning the work is the idea of rehearsal as a tool for behavioural change, and the workshop will include moments of individual and group learning using the rehearsal process of experimentation and feedback. The work is challenging, memorable and fun.

This part of the course will be highly experiential, and will involve physical activities.

Course Lecturers

Eva Marco is a Human Resources Consultant, Executive Coach and Associate Professor at ESADE. She has a combined Degree and MBA in Management from ESADE Business School. She also has a Master in Organizational Development and Process Consulting. Certified Executive Coach by Teacher’s College, Columbia University in New York.With 25 years’ experience in Human Resources, she has been a manager for the HayGroup in Spain, Mexico and the US. She also worked in different companies as HR Corporate Director and currently owns her consulting firm with a focus on developing managerial competencies. She has been teaching at Esade since 2002 and at the University of St. Gallen since 2009.

Simon Chadwick has worked in the performing arts for more than 30 years as an actor, stage fighter and voice-over artist. As an Associate Trainer at Dramatic Resources, Simon has worked as a trainer and leadership coach for major businesses in the UK, US and Europe. Simon works with many corporate clients including Adecco, Volvo Construction Equipment, Deloitte and Nestle amongst others and is a frequent guest lecturer at many top European business schools, including IMD, ESMT and Insead.

Matt Wait has worked extensively as an actor in both theatre and television, and is a successful theatre Director with a carreer spanning over 10 years. As an Associate Trainer of Dramatic Resources, Matt has worked with a range of clients including Accenture, Adecco, Volvo, Zurich Financial Services, Hall & Partners, Nestle, and the Lloyds Banking Group, amongst others. He has led sessions at IMD, London Business School and ESMT and has coached on the International Teachers’ Programme.

Lara King is an award-winning comedian and improviser currently performing at such prestigious venues as The Comedy Store, The Leicester Square Theatre and The Top Secret Comedy Club. As an Associate Trainer with Dramatic Resources, Lara leads a global women’s leadership programme for Cisco, Personal Branding and Improvisation sessions for Deloitte Partners, and Sales Leadership Training for the Adecco Group, amongst other things.

Note: All information is accurate for the 2017-2019 academic year and is subject to change for future classes