Life Science Scholarship Competition


CHF 15,000 


Deduction from study fee


04 June 2017

Candidate Requirements 

Minimum a bachelor degree holder, several years of work experience in life science or related field, and fluency in English. The candidate should already have taken the GMAT, or be a PhD, CPA or CFA level 2 holder to qualify for a GMAT waiver. If candidates have not taken the GMAT and are not eligible for a waiver, they should be willing to complete the Admissions Test within 10 days after a scholarship competition result has been communicated. The competition is open to applicants to both the Part-time MBA and Full-time MBA.


Submit a condensed paper of maximum two pages + submit a 5-6 minute video elaborating on the assessment. The candidate can choose one of the following two questions:

1. Identify and give reasons for current business models/processes that are most at risk, in light of disruption and digitization in the life science industry today.

2. Identify and explain two or three strategic business transformations that would need to be implemented to increase innovation capabilities in the life science industry today.

The paper and video should be sent to with the subject line: "Life Science Scholarship Competition". Should the candidate continue in the process, we will ask the candidate to submit a complete application, but the application fee will be waived. 

Other Available Scholarships

Expert Scholarship

For candidates with academic background in sciences and/or engineering, and in particular for those who went on to work in the fields of health, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, food science, manufacturing, procurement and logistics.

Challenge Scholarship

This scholarship is for applicants who have been able to successfully progress in their career despite challenging personal, professional, socio/political or economic circumstances.

Emerging Markets Scholarship

For candidates from emerging markets, who can evidence the interest and motivation to use their post MBA knowledge and skills to contribute to the future growth of an emerging market country.

Women in Business Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at women who can demonstrate the ability to perform based on having successfully led people, realising fast-paced and difficult projects, or showing a consistent role progression.

Outstanding Candidates Scholarship

For outstanding candidates with excellent academic qualifications and an impressive career progression. Leadership and/or international experiences are beneficial for this scholarship, but not essential.

Early Achiever Scholarship

For young and confident career achievers, with less than 4 years of work experience, who show the potential to learn fast. We look for candidates who excel beyond their age.

MBA Event Scholarship

The University of St.Gallen MBA is committed to help outstanding individuals from various regions around the world. If you meet one of our Recruitment Managers face-to-face at regional fairs or events, you are eligible to apply for the MBA Event Scholarship.

Additional Scholarship Awards

The Admissions Committee has the right to award additional scholarships, for which you automatically could be considered for upon submitting your application. The selection criteria for these scholarships are within the discretion of the Admissions Committee.  

E-Fellows Scholarship

Exclusively for members of or candidates who attended the e-fellows MBA-Day. Please indicate membership on your online application or the date of the MBA-Day you attended. Value CHF 10,000.

Alumni Scholarship

Scholarship donated by MBA alumni: For candidates with outstanding contributions to similar networks (e.g. in extra-curricular activities, industry clubs, sports associations etc.), and the application is by invitation only. Candidates will be interviewed by the Alumni Board on their potential for future contribution to the alumni community as well as other criteria. Value CHF 10,000.

Alumni Scholarship Donation


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