Career Advisory

Full-time MBA Career Advisory

No two students are ever the same, which is why our career services are individually tailored to suit the needs of each individual MBA. We have a dedicated Career Advisory Team exclusive to the Full-time MBA, with offices directly in the MBA building.

At the beginning of your MBA journey, you undertake our four Career Development courses, where you work on a wide range of career-enhancing competencies:

  1. Team Dynamics
  2. Professional Development
  3. Personal and Career Development
  4. Leadership Development

Within these courses we begin to understand your personal motivations, career goals, unique character and life experience, inviting you to open your mind to a world of career opportunities before deciding upon your continued career path. The development of this two-way relationship enables us to deliver individual and timely support through meetings that maybe requested at any time. This unique approach to career services allows us to work closely together within you to figure out how you can propel yourself forward on your desired path. To that end, our goal is to partner with you on long-term, authentic and meaningful career development, rather than help you simply land a post-MBA job.

We will create opportunities for you to network with companies, and equip you with the understanding of how to seize those opportunities for your professional benefit. Our sessions will enable you to take ownership of your career, both strategically and tactically. Meeting sessions can cover topics like how to define your passion, craft your personal mission statement, present your value proposition as well as other technical skills such as focusing on improving the content of your resume, cover letter or how to conduct compensation negotiations. Interactive workshops can train you to give sharper responses during interviews, build your personal online brand and conduct yourself mindfully with presence. We can also put you in touch with key people when it aligns with you career strategy and you are ready to make the most of that introduction.

In the Full-time MBA, you also attend the Company Insights evenings, often alongside our regionally-located Part-time MBAs with whom you can network. Further corporate interactions occur during our Basel, Munich and Zurich Days, plus Industry Insights. In the Spring it is possible to be a part of Take-Off Day where you are interviewed by companies for Corporate Projects and post-MBA positions, again alongside our Part-time MBAs.

Career Advisory is ultimately an ecosystem of stakeholders, which includes students, alumni, corporates, external trainers and our team. As an MBA, we expect you to gain awareness and appreciation for this ecosystem, and play an important role in nurturing the relationships so that everyone can continue to benefit over the long-term.