Career Services

Design your career and personal development

Start the year by designing what your goals are through a Vision and Values self assessment exercise. The more clear you are about your career path, the better our Careers Team can understand you and help you work towards your goals. Approximately 20% of our curriculum is dedicated to career-related activities, presenting you with a wide variety of ways to develop your career.


Team icon  Team Dynamics

In the first week, our MBAs undertake an interactive course on team dynamics. The purpose is to facilitate multicultural and cross-functional teams, drawing on the diversity of the class in a learning-by-doing environment.

CV icon  CV Review and Training

Our Careers Team provides CV workshops and individual counseling sessions with ongoing feedback, covering topics such as keywords and effective storytelling. A CV book is created and sent to companies.

Business icon   Business Etiquette

With an eye for detail, external experts give practical tips on topics such as business dress codes, dos and don'ts for formal business lunches, and so forth.

Feedback icon  Peer-to-peer Feedback

This enables you to learn how your peers perceive you. It is an effective way to discover your strengths and weaknesses. It is also excellent practice for giving and receiving feedback constructively.

Coaching icon 1-to-1 Executive Coaching

Work with external coaches for deeper personal development and the alignment of your career path with your personal values. Coaches will challenge you, and push you to clearly define what you want from your career. 

Presentation icon  Company Presentations

From the first weeks of your MBA, companies come to campus weekly to present information about job opportunities and the company's culture, which is key to finding an employer that is the right 'fit'. These are evening events that include a networking apéro with light snacks, enabling you to speak to the company representatives in a relaxed setting.

Assessment icon  Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres are common for screening potential hires in many industries, and especially so in consulting. Practice common processes in Assessment Centres in our immersive experiences.

Key icon Case Cracking

Learn how to effectively crack cases used in recruitment processes. Repeated practices improves efficiency and technique when reading, solving and presenting solutions to cases.

Public speaking icon   Public Speaking

CNN presenter and communication coach Lola Martinez works with our MBAs in multiple sessions to improve their public speaking and presentation skills, including voice control and posture.

Training icon  Leadership Trainings

Senior executives provide examples of how leadership is taught and guided in their organisations, giving our MBAs a practical understanding of the actions and character traits of leadership.

Strategy icon  Career Strategy

Through a mix of self-reflection and personal consultation with our Careers Team, each MBA crafts a plan that provides structure and direction to their career-related activities throughout the MBA.

Mentor icon  Mentoring

MBAs receive a mentor, often an alumnus of the programme, who can offer guidance on role, industry or country-related career questions.

Luxembourg icon  Luxembourg Day

In 2016 the day was opened by the Luxembourg Attaché for Political and Economic Affairs, who welcomed Luxembourg-based companies to St.Gallen. Last year's visit included Amazon, Delphi and PayPal.

Basel icon Basel Day

We travel to Basel, Switzerland for a full day of meeting companies in the pharmaceutical industry. We also have an apéro where MBAs meet Basel-based alumni.

Munich icon  Munich Day

We travel to Munich, Germany for a full day of meeting with companies. Last year's trip included Adidas, Alix Partners, Deloitte and Hoerbiger, among others. We also have an apéro where MBAs meet Munich-based alumni.

Insight icon  Industry Insights

Interactive talks by company executives from key industries in our region, including banking, manufacturing, pharma and startups. Students gain a better understanding of current trends a future opportunities in these industries.

Interview icon  Interview Training

Students practice their interview skills in a mock interview with the Careers Team. After receiving advice and tips, they move onto an interview with a professional coach. This is filmed, to enable detailed feedback about body language and response clarity.

Recruitment icon Recruitment Day 

We invite companies to interview our MBAs for post-MBA jobs. This annual corporate event takes place in Zurich, with companies hiring for roles in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Singapore, UAE and elsewhere.

Design your Corporate Strategy Project

Over 10-12 weeks during June, July and August, most MBAs are engaged in a Corporate Strategy Project. The projects are completed in-house at a company. Each MBA is required to apply for, and secure, his or her own strategy project. Projects allow MBAs to apply the knowledge they have gained on the programme. It also enables them to demonstrate their skills to potential employers or future references. Many MBAs select a project in a function or industry in which they don't have much experience. This heightens the learning experience and enables MBAs to show prospective employers how quickly they can learn, and integrate into a new environment.

Two alternatives to the Corporate Strategy Project are available. For the entrepreneurially-minded MBAs, authoring a business plan is an option. For the research-oriented MBAs, writing a research paper on a specific business issue within a company or industry is also possible.

To learn more about the Corporate Strategy Project, watch these two videos.