Employment Report Part-time MBA

Compensation Data


CHF 114,496

Base Salary Average

CHF 14,134

Starting Bonus Average

CHF 122,651

Total Compensation Average


Location of Employment
Industry of Employment
[["Technology","33%"],["Healthcare","20%"],["Manufacturing","17%"],["Financial Services","10%"],["Consulting","7%"],["Government","3%"],["Real Estate","3%"],["Other","7%"]]
Function of Employment
[["General Management","30%"],["Marketing\/Sales","17%"],["Operations\/Logistics","13%"],["Finance\/Accounting","10%"],["Consulting","7%"],["Information Technology","7%"],["Human Resources","3%"],["Other","13%"]]
Change Data



Changed Employer


Changed Function


Changed Industry


Changed Country


Vertical Promotion


Data is collected according to CSEA reporting standards. Data is for the Part-time MBA Class of 2019. All data for the Part-time MBA is measured 4-months after graduation. 75% of graduates supplied employment information. 75% of these respondents supplied salary information. The Starting Bonus average is based on the number of people receiving a bonus. Not all job-accepting graduates received a bonus. Some 2019 graduates received additional perks, including stock, relocation allowances, transportation allowances, performance bonus structures and other incentives which are not reflected in the data. Total Compensation is calculated only using base salary and starting bonus figures for each job-accepting that supplied salary data.