Finance Your MBA

Finance your Part-time MBA

Pursuing an MBA is a lifetime investment in yourself and in your future. It is therefore important to make a well-considered decision and crucial to plan your finances carefully. The finance department of the University of St.Gallen MBA is happy to assist you in planning your finances. The following information is designed to give you an overview on fees, discounts and financial aid. More detailed information will be available if you receive an offer.

Enrolment Fee CHF 10,000
Tuition Fee CHF 53,000
Programme Support Fee CHF   7,000
Total CHF 70,000


  • An additional application fee of CHF 250.00 is payable during the online application process.
  • To secure your seat once you have accepted an offer, you must pay an enrolment fee, which is deducted from the total fee.
  • Both fees are non-refundable.
Payment Schedule
First Installment Due 31 July 2021
Second Installment Due 31 January 2022
Third Installment Due 31 July 2022
Fourth Installment Due 31 January 2023
Fifth Installment Due 30 June 2023



1. Early Enrolment Discount

The early enrolment discount of CHF 7,500 is available to students entering the 2021 intake, who enrolled and paid the enrolment fee before 31 December 2020

2. Early Payment Discount

Any fee payment, in excess of the application and enrolment fee, paid by 31 March 2021 prior to the start of the programme, will be eligible for a 5% early payment discount. Any remaining fee must be paid according to the payment schedule.

Loan Programme

It is important to plan your finances prior to enrolling in our MBA programme. Should you realise - prior to accepting an offer - that you are short of the full necessary funds to support your period of study, we encourage you to have a consultation with our finance department regarding the University of St.Gallen MBA Loan Programme. We know the personal financial situation for each of our applicants is unique. Therefore, we designed a loan programme that considers your individual situation with our MBA in mind. It is important to know that once the Enrolment Fee is paid, the MBA Finance department will assume that your MBA-related finances are settled, and that you do not need any further financial aid. Therefore, please contact us about a loan early in your enrolment decision-making process.

Available to All
Our loans are open to all MBA applicants who can demonstrate they have been unsuccessful sourcing financial aid elsewhere

Fixed Interest Rate
Our interest rate is fixed at 5.5% for all loan applicants, reflecting the low cost of capital in Switzerland

No Processing Fee for Loan Applications
Submitting a loan application is free

No Minimum Loan Required
Our loans have no minimum amount

Grace Period After Graduation
Your loan repayment schedule will not begin until 6 months after your graduation date

Repayment Period
Our repayment periods can be up to 3 years