An image of Ilona Dürler
Humans above technology.
It’s about putting people at the centre to understand their goals and using technology to achieve them.
Ruigrok Winfried
Corporate governance: key to promoting ethical business alongside financial performance
Thanks to Winfried’s vast network, students will be treated to an array of high-profile guest speakers from Switzerland’s top companies, sharing insights on how they work, the lessons they’ve learned, and the challenges they face!
Sin Ee Lee
Keep going, follow meaningful opportunities.
Spending time in Singapore was just one way in which Sin Ee took the opportunity to rediscover this region.
Prof. Binswanger Johannes
Machine Learning & AI? It’s about understanding what data can and cannot do.
What is machine learning and AI? What can it and can't it do? Learn more from Prof. Johannes Binswanger.
Thorsten Truijens picture
You don’t anchor a message with PowerPoint, it’s about the conversations that I have with students in the classroom.
I tend to disagree with the students regardless of what they say – to make them think. And I want them to disagree with me. I want to have emotional discussions in the classroom. I feel this is what creates knowledge retention.
Jordi Montserrat
Our aim is to instil that entrepreneurial capacity that craves experimentation, risk taking, and collaboration.
We will give them the opportunity to experience starting a company from scratch by applying the knowledge that they’ve acquired so far on the programme.
Innovation is hands-on: it’s a case of “roll-up your sleeves and get testing”!
It’s about openly discussing failure, embracing it, engaging in positive reinforcement – pushing each other up – and focussing on what failure can teach you.
Returning as corporate lecturer in the new full-time MBA programme
Jevgenija Glazunova's new course is about ‘customer-centricity’. It’s where data, technology, and communication meet.
Thomas Bucher
It’s about human interaction, and finding the right cultural fit
It’s so important to analyse the cultural fit, especially in the DACH region where the landscape consists almost entirely of small to mid-cap enterprises that are largely unknown.”
Luca Allaria
Leadership and self-discovery are intimately connected with career development
Luca takes huge satisfaction from “helping MBA students to discover themselves, design their career path, learn how to present themselves, and proactively approach the DACH job market.”