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Keep going, follow meaningful opportunities.

13 Jun 2022

Sin Ee Lee

An interview with Sin Ee Lee, current full-time MBA student

A mini-blog series, by Daniel Cade

Keep going, follow meaningful opportunities! Spending time in Singapore was just one way in which Sin Ee took the opportunity to rediscover this region.

Sin Ee is a current student on the MBA programme. She is a wonderfully level-headed, multi-talented, and culturally curious person; just the type of conscientious student that I picture the MBA programme being designed for.

Sin Ee has been hitting the corporate high notes so far in her career. She has the likes of IBM and Roche under her belt. It’s a career that started off in Malaysia, where she was born, raised, and educated; took her abroad, on several international assignments; and brought her to Switzerland, five years ago, following a transfer to Roche HQ.

Considering her rapid progress, it’s understandable that she initially found the idea of doing an MBA quite daunting. “It didn’t feel like an easy choice to step back from my career ,” she recalled. “However, following some inspiring conversations with my manager, it eventually seemed like the right thing to do, because I was able to prepare for the next phase of my career and future challenges.”

In the short-term, it took her back to Asia! Albeit briefly, for the 5-day Singapore Study Mission. Sin Ee explained why she’d chosen this elective: “Being an Asian and native to this region, I wanted to overcome my conscious and unconscious bias; to gain an objective perspective on doing business in Asia. The APAC region holds great promise, yet there are various underlying dynamics at play, and this elective really helped me to see and fully understand this region’s growth story.

“Sharing this international experience with 40 or so other students from diverse backgrounds also offered an amazing opportunity to deepen connections in my now ever-growing Swiss-based network!” she added.

Sin Ee, you’ve got this. I can’t wait to find out what this new MBA layer adds to the next step of your career!