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Returning as corporate lecturer in the new full-time MBA programme

30 Apr 2022


An interview with Jev Glazunova, Course Lecturer

A mini-blog series, by Daniel Cade

Jev’s great. It’s as simple as that. I first met Jev when I worked at the MBA. Having graduated from the part-time programme in 2015, she was always the ‘go-to’ alumna – positive natured, always willing to help, experienced and well-respected by all. I was excited to use our chat about her new course on the MBA programme as an excuse to delve a little deeper into what makes Jev tick…

The short answer is ‘customer-centricity’. “It’s where data, technology, and communication meet,” said Jev. “It’s about connecting what a company needs to know about the customer, to the infrastructure needed to harness and process that information, and the way it uses the output to personalise the customer experience,” she explained.

Jev is one of those people that get to work on the things that makes them tick. She began her career at Unilever, just before the dawn of data-driven communication. She then moved to an agency providing tech solutions for loyalty programmes. “That’s where I learned the value of data: loyalty programmes know everything!” she recalled, laughing. “I became enchanted with how much more you can do with the benefit of data. It got to the point where I questioned how we’d ever managed without it!” she added.

Her passion saw her take on a variety of loyalty and CRM roles at eBay, Ricardo, and Estée Lauder, before eventually starting her own consultancy. The self-pronounced “Connection Queen” will now pool her vast experience and expert knowledge with that of a string of guest contributors to deliver an interactive course where, as Jev put it, “The students will be entertained by playing with data and technology to personalise communication.” She went on, “This is my CRM mantra. This is how I think, this is how I work, and this how I teach.”