St. Gallen MBA Chronicles: A Week of Camaraderie, Ambition, and New Beginnings | University of St.Gallen MBA

St. Gallen MBA Chronicles: A Week of Camaraderie, Ambition, and New Beginnings

21 Sept 2023

MArva Harmann

Reflecting on the first week at St.Gallen and our program, the standout experience for me has been the sense of camaraderie among like-minded individuals. It's been incredibly refreshing to be in an environment where ambition is welcomed and celebrated without fear of judgment.

The initial two days were particularly impressive. Andrew and the rest of the MBA teams extended a warm welcome, and the organization was impeccable, exemplified by the thoughtful goody bags.

Meeting Amanda was a highlight as well. Her remarkable personality exudes wisdom, and I'm eager to absorb the wealth of knowledge she offers.

Regarding my classmates, I am thoroughly impressed by the abundance of young, driven managers. I view them not only as peers but also as role models. Unlike previous educational experiences, I genuinely feel a sense of belonging and mutual respect among this group.

Looking ahead, I'm most excited about delving further into the MBA program. The agenda is brimming with stimulating content, and the first week has left an indelible mark. Additionally, I'm eagerly anticipating the upcoming events and trip to Madrid!

The atmosphere within the class was invigorating. The campus environment provided an extra boost of energy, and it was evident that this sentiment resonated with my classmates as well. The MBA team's understanding, warmth, and welcoming nature create an environment where you feel instantly appreciated and cared for.

Furthermore, the week with Dr. Stefan Legge was a revelation. His teaching style was infused with ease, making it captivating to absorb the knowledge he imparted. It was indeed an enriching experience to learn from.