There is no business transformation without technology implementation. They go hand-in-hand in the Life Sciences industry. | University of St.Gallen MBA

There is no business transformation without technology implementation. They go hand-in-hand in the Life Sciences industry.

12 Dec 2022

Anastasia Monroy

If I ever see an announcement that reads something along the lines of: ‘Multinational seeks consultant to coordinate delivery of large-scale, complex, global programme by managing various workstreams, monitoring value delivery, and executing change management and communications plan,’ I now know who to recommend…

Anastasia Monroy is a senior manager within the Business Transformation team at EY. She supports businesses in the Life Sciences industry to transform processes through technology implementation. I was fortunate enough to grab some very precious time with her, ahead of the start of a major new project, to tap into what she sees as current trends and career opportunities within her domain.

“Personalisation of healthcare is the issue that is driving change right across this industry,” Anastasia explained. “Even if two patients are suffering from the same form, and stage, of cancer they may well still benefit from different treatments. The biggest challenge here lies in logistics. Companies need to establish direct links with patients to be able to collect samples and dispatch personalised medication. You can’t just go to the local post office,” she added, beating me to my next question!

“In fact, this characterises a challenge within an area that is flush with opportunities,” noted Anastasia. “Namely, that of harmonising business processes across operations in territories which have historically been treated as separate entities, mainly due to technological limitations – ironically enough, because technology is usually the solution to streamlining,” she continued.

Anastasia elaborated, “Those looking to enter this space have probably already figured out that, these days, there is no transformation without technology. Companies are constantly on the lookout for individuals with a disruptive mindset that understand how technology can enable multifaceted, relatable, business processes and can work within a scaled agile approach that facilitates collaboration between multiple cross-functional teams.”

Fabulous. Thanks for the invaluable insights, Anastasia!

Anastasia Monroy is Senior Manager, Business Transformation, at EY Zürich. We are delighted to have Anastasia as a member of our newly formed University of St.Gallen "Future Skills Advisory Board".