Do you have what it takes to be a perfect MBA candidate?
As we select our 'perfect candidates' for the MBA programme, people often reach out to us and ask: What do we look for in our MBA candidates? Here are a few questions that we ask ourselves about everyone who applies to our programme.
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How do I make a decision on where to apply?
For most people, deciding to MBA or not to MBA typically takes around two years. With a bit of structured thinking, this time can easily be reduced to about half a year.
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How do I ace an admissions interview?
Are you preparing for an admissions interview? Here are some tips from us on how to ready yourself for the experience. We want you to perform your best as well.
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Is an MBA worth it?
At some point when considering an MBA, you will ask yourself: Is an MBA worth it? We explore how the answer to this question is about much more than a financial ROI.
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Is an MBA for me?
When reseraching MBA programmes, some people self-select out of an application process, fearing they won't fit into the culture of a programme. We challenge some of the common biases about MBA programmes and highlight how the degree is relevant for a broad range of people.
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Why an MBA in Switzerland?
When selecting an MBA programme, the location plays a strong role in many people’s decision. Our geography is broadly characterized as the German-speaking area of Europe. It is one of the most exciting and diverse places to live and do business.