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Innovation is hands-on: it’s a case of “roll-up your sleeves and get testing”!
It’s about openly discussing failure, embracing it, engaging in positive reinforcement – pushing each other up – and focussing on what failure can teach you.
Returning as corporate lecturer in the new full-time MBA programme
Jevgenija Glazunova's new course is about ‘customer-centricity’. It’s where data, technology, and communication meet.
Thomas Bucher
It’s about human interaction, and finding the right cultural fit
It’s so important to analyse the cultural fit, especially in the DACH region where the landscape consists almost entirely of small to mid-cap enterprises that are largely unknown.”
Luca Allaria
Leadership and self-discovery are intimately connected with career development
Luca takes huge satisfaction from “helping MBA students to discover themselves, design their career path, learn how to present themselves, and proactively approach the DACH job market.”
Prof Stefan
It’s about bridging theory to application in the real world
So, what can students expect from the Invest course in the new MBA Programme? “We shan’t be teaching our MBA students to be future CFOs,” Stefan explained. “They will, however, learn how to have an eye-level discussion with finance professionals.”
Dr. Stefan Legge
In my new course, we’ll go beyond the buzzwords.
The smart manager of tomorrow must have the right tools and the ability to think to find suitable solutions,
Evelina Kramer, Senior Community Engagement Manager
Alumni will be involved in this new programme from day one.
“Alumni must be seen as part of a larger community that also involves students, faculty, corporate partners, and the MBA team. Without this holistic view, the community cannot thrive".
Sander Markiet Senior Career Development Manager
The new full-time MBA is about everyone becoming the best version of themselves
Sander intends to move students from being specialists to becoming managers; from looking solely at their own performance to considering that as part of an entire team. He’ll take a “strengths-based” approach, opting to sharpen existing skills over attempting to mitigate deficiencies. Under Sander’s watch, everyone gets to flourish by becoming the best version of themselves.
Prof. Amanda Shantz, MBA Director
So, you’re launching a new MBA curriculum?
Amanda is very driven to create something extraordinary at the St. Gallen MBA. Traditional exams will be out of the window, learning will be more experiential and active, and every assessment will be “CV-able”. Hold on, what?  
Jakob Pedersen, Full-time Class of 2021
Learn how Jakob Pedersen from the United States and Norway discovered an unexpected job opportunity by being open to new ideas, and how this exploratory mindset also enabled him to sharpen key skills during the MBA