Career Advisory | University of St.Gallen MBA

Supporting your Career – 2 Key Pillars

Across the 24 months of the Part-time MBA, we design a rich programme of tailored experiences. The support of our dedicated Advisory Team is centred around two key pillars:

1. The corporate pillar focuses on providing you with corporate interactions

Through various formats, such as Business Panels, Company Presentations and City Days, you will get insights into the organizations' operations & culture. You will be able to engage and interact with various company stakeholders in multiple industries. We do all of this with the aim that you get to know the market and grow your network.

2. The career pillar focuses on providing you advisory on your career journey

The following two career elements will help you to brush up on your career management skills and gear up for your professional development:

  • Career Lounge workshops, led by experts on general career topics as well as on sector-specific career trends
  • Unlimited 1-2-1 Career Advisory sessions with our dedicated Advisory Team: we are here to support you when you need personalized training or feedback, helping you to increase self-awareness, practice self-assessment, identify and create opportunities for your next career move

We do all of this with the aim that you build, develop, and sustain your career. You design your curriculum based on your unique career strategy or personal goals.

“Own your career. It’s a journey, not a destination. We give you the tools, you move it forward.”

Interested in HSG's MBA programme?

To express interest and to better understand how the programme fits your career goals, we invite you to send us your public LinkedIn profile for feedback. Please ensure you have an Open Profile so that we can contact you. 

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