Doing a Corporate Project with Mettler Toledo was the final piece in making the most out of the MBA experience.

Kar Prateek
An interview with Prateek Lindgaard-Kar, current full-time MBA student

We’ve had hikers, basketballers, kite surfers, martial artists, and now a cricketer on this blog series… I see a trend emerging! Prateek played cricket at state and premier league level, he represented Mumbai and the north of England at university level. And he shares a common trait with those referenced above in being very amiable, extremely well-grounded, and purposeful in his actions.

Prateek realised soon upon returning to India after studying in England that, if he wasn’t there to play cricket, he’d rather go back to Europe to seek new challenges! He left his marketing position at Henkel in India and landed in Copenhagen, where he began working as Marketing Manager and then Head of Marketing for Clip-Lok Sim Pak.

Then came the decision to move to Switzerland and enrol on the St. Gallen MBA. “I was eager to learn more about the big picture. Looking back, I see a lot of value in the tools I have amassed. In fact, I’ve already applied one of the frameworks in my corporate project and the team has really welcomed the initiative!” he remarked.

In the final three months of the programme, students have three options: business plan, research, or corporate project. Prateek chose the latter, deciding to take on Mettler Toledo’s challenge to investigate the benefits and challenges of digital services using IoT and discover new business models. “It’s a global project; I work across multiple divisions because Mettler serves so many industries across entire value chains. The team is very customer centric. It seems they have the will and resources to make this happen.”

Prateek’s parting words were in the form of advice for future students, “Keep your mind open, take the programme as it comes and, little-by-little, you will see that it all starts to fall into place. You will learn a great deal!”

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