It’s about human interaction, and finding the right cultural fit

Thomas Bucher
An interview with Thomas Bucher, Senior Corporate Relations Manager

A mini-blog series, by Daniel Cade

Thomas has a golden aura. It was glowing from the moment he warmly greeted me like an old friend to his wave goodbye as we ended our Teams call. I left the call feeling energised and in no doubt whatsoever as to the value he provides.

Thomas has walked the walk. He’s a HSG graduate and so finds it hugely rewarding to give back by doing something meaningful for current students. Thomas also brings 15 years of senior-level marketing experience in the luxury goods industry to the table. He’s worked at the biggest hitters in the industry and has learned the intricacies of finding the right match. “There’s more to it than just a fancy CV,” he remarked. “The human interaction is critical. It’s so important to analyse the cultural fit, especially in the DACH region where the landscape consists almost entirely of small to mid-cap enterprises that are largely unknown.”

Thomas can also talk the talk! It’s one of his main value propositions. More than just curating relationships and bringing people together – by lifting the lid on cities, industries, and companies – he sees himself as a “sparring partner” for the students. “I’m super straight-forward, super blunt, and often provocative to correct any misconceptions; I share the naked truth!” he clarified. Thomas has his finger on the pulse and continually collects market intel to inform students on the future needs of corporations. All of this he combines with his in-depth knowledge of the region, which he gladly conveys during several one-on-one sessions with students throughout the year.

And in case there was still any lingering doubt as to the golden value Thomas provides, here’s the mic drop stat: Thomas is responsible for bringing over 70 companies and 100 corporate representatives to the MBA table over the duration of the academic year. 🎤

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